About CTO

Mastering CTO and Complex PCI With the World’s Leading Operators

CTO Plus: Complex CTO & Higher Risk PCI Is a Two-Day Gathering of CTO Experts

Emphasis Is On: 

  • Live-case demonstrations performed by leading operators.
  • Advanced techniques and evidence-based medicine.
  • Real-time analysis from world-class faculty.

Why Attend CTO Plus 2024?

Live Cases

Watch and learn from world-renowned CTO PCI operators as they perform some of the most complex live cases.

Innovative Techniques

Discover the latest technical developments, novel technologies, and refinements in CTO and high-risk PCI — and learn how to integrate the latest recommendations to optimize procedural success while minimizing complications.

Complications Management

Gain skills for preventing and managing complications and applying CTO PCI techniques in non-CTO complex cases.

New Research

Enhance your knowledge with the most recent CTO and high-risk PCI data on improving outcomes and quality of life.

Data Application

Learn how to apply new data to your real-world clinical practice.

Coronary Physiology and Intravascular Imaging

Understand their importance in guiding treatment and optimizing procedural and long-term outcomes.

Elevating Your Practice

Return to your practice with updated technical skills, innovations, and strategies.


Exchange ideas and share experiences with colleagues and key opinion leaders from around the world.

Master Teaching

Discover new thinking from the world's best of the best interventionalists.

Who Should Attend CTO Plus 2024?

  • Interventional cardiologists.
  • Endovascular specialists.
  • Clinical cardiologists.
  • Catheterization laboratory nurses.
  • Cardiovascular technologists.
  • Health care professionals with an interest in the field of chronic total occlusion.
  • Researchers and scientists working in interventional cardiology.

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