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Quickly and Easily Navigate CTO Plus 2024

Log In for Full Functionality

  • Tap the CTO Plus 2024 title screen to reach the meeting home page.
  • Tap MENU on the bottom right.
  • Tap LOGIN/LOGOUT and follow prompts to log in with your TCTMD® ID.

From there, you can easily search the program, plan your schedule, view faculty, participate in Q&A, find your way around the venue, and discover many other uses.

Find the CTO Plus 2024 home screen and select any of the following actions:

Browse the Program Guide

  • Tap FULL PROGRAM on the conference home screen or tap PROGRAM on the bottom navigation bar. Then:
    • Browse by day: Select a day from top navigation bar.
    • Browse by category: Select General Session, Satellite, or Hands-On-Training to reveal component presentations.
    • Search the program: Tap the magnifying glass on the top right, type a keyword, then a list of results will appear.

Plan Your CTO Plus 2024 Experience

Personalize your CRF® Events app! Mark your favorite sessions, presentations, speakers, attendees.

  • Mark your favorites: In the list of presentations, tap the star icon to mark a favorite. Your favorites will be saved to your device calendar and will be retrievable as a categorized list.
  • Retrieve your favorites:
    • Tap MENU on the bottom right.
    • Tap FAVORITES.
    • The screen will display all presentations that you marked as favorites.
  • Utilize the conference & exhibits floorplan.
  • Receive important notifications.

Participate in Live Q&A

  • Tap Q&A on the bottom navigation bar.
  • Type your question.

See Presentation Slides

  • Tap MENU on the bottom navigation bar.
  • Tap VIEW/REQUEST slides.
  • Follow the prompts to search by faculty or sessions.

Claim CME or MOC

  • At the conclusion of CTO Plus 2024, tap MENU on the bottom right navigation bar.
  • Tap CME.
  • Follow prompts.

Discover More!

  • View faculty, attendees, and supporters.
  • Get schedule for Hands-On Training and Satellite Programs.
  • Find a dashboard of notifications for this meeting.
  • Reveal a map of the venue.
  • View upcoming CRF® events.

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